Elephant rescued from muddy construction Site in northeastern India

Elephant rescued from muddy construction Site in northeastern India

In a commendable joint effort, a male elephant was successfully rescued from a muddy construction site in northeastern India’s Assam.

The incident took place at the Army Cantonment at Narangi area of Guwahati on June 9.




Visuals showed at a construction site, there was a muddy area filled with water and thick mud. An elephant had become trapped in this spot, unable to free itself due to the depth of the mud. Heavy machinery was brought in to remove the top layers of mud, allowing the elephant to gradually emerge. A large crowd of onlookers had gathered around the site, witnessing the rescue efforts. The scene was filled with a sense of urgency and collaboration as rescuers and machinery worked together to free the trapped animal.




The operation, which lasted three hours, was conducted by the Kamrup East Forest Division, Guwahati Wildlife Division, and Assam State Zoo, with significant assistance from the Army.

The incident occurred yesterday when the elephant wandered into the construction area and became stuck in the thick mud. The authorities were alerted promptly, and a coordinated rescue operation was swiftly initiated.




With meticulous planning and execution, the rescuers used a combination of heavy machinery and manual efforts to free the distressed animal. The Army’s involvement proved crucial, providing additional manpower and resources to ensure the elephant’s safety.

This operation highlights the ongoing efforts to protect wildlife in the region and the importance of rapid response and cooperation in wildlife rescue missions.


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