Elephant rescued from well using excavator in eastern India

Elephant rescued from well using excavator in eastern India

An elephant fell into a well and was later pulled out in a village in eastern India’s Jharkhand.

The incident happened at the Hulu village in the Gola block of Ramgarh district on June 26.

Visuals showed the pachyderm inside the well filled with muddy water. The water level was so high that the elephant was almost submerged. It kept wading inside the well trying to make a way out.

A forest department team led by Range Officer Arun Kumar came in to rescue the trapped elephant. An excavator was used to dig up a path beside the well, through which the elephant could be taken out.

Later, the excavator was seen pushing the elephant as it was slowly making its way out of the well. It came out amidst loud cheers by the people, who had gathered at the spot.

The crowd then started following the elephant as it walked away towards the Sangrampur forest after being rescued from the well.

It was learnt that this elephant was part of a herd that was heading from the Tandil Bisa to the Hulu village at night. This elephant had fallen into a well and the forest department, which were in pursuit of the herd, noticed its absence and started the four-hour-long rescue operation, which began early in the morning at 3 am and ended at 7 am.

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