Elephant tramples man after straying from neighbouring state in southern India

Elephant tramples man after straying from neighbouring state in southern India

An elephant trampled a man to death after it strayed into southern India’s Telangana from the neighbouring state of Maharashtra.

This incident took place in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district on April 3.

Visuals showed the tragic sight of the man’s corpse laying on the field after he was killed by the wild elephant. The man had injury marks on his body and he was left in a bent state. He also had his left hand also broken in this attack. A woman cried out loudly as she expressed her grief at the death of the man with others around trying to console her. In another visual, the elephant was seen rampaging through the fields and roads. According to a report, the man which the elephant killed was identified as Alluri Shankar, who was a farmer.

The Telangana forest department has stated that the male sub-adult elephant entered the Burepally village via the Maharashtra border. The staff members of the Karjelly range began their patrolling operation across the border area after being informed by the neighbouring state of Maharashtra. It was learnt that a compensation of Rs 10 lakh (USD 11,984.27) is to be given to the family of the farmer who was killed. Subsequently, the farmers were directed to not go out in their fields after this incident. The police and forest department staff have made up teams after this incident happened with firecrackers being collected to scare away the pachyderm. Also, DFO, Asifabad Niraj Tiberwal and Shanta Ram, Field Director of Kawal Tiger Reserve are engaged in monitoring the situation.

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