Endangered swamp deer safely rescued from marshland in northern India

Endangered swamp deer safely rescued from marshland in northern India

A stranded swamp deer, ensnared in marshland for two days with its legs deeply embedded in mud, has been successfully rescued in Himachal Pradesh, northern India.

The incident unfolded at Govind Sagar Lake in Bilaspur on April 23.

Visuals captured the tireless efforts of the rescue team as they endeavored to extract the swamp deer from the mire. The thin and pointed structure of the deer’s legs led to repeated sinking into the mud, presenting a formidable challenge. Nonetheless, the rescuers demonstrated remarkable courage as they cautiously guided the deer to safety.

Reports from Bilaspur, particularly from the Tannu region near Kiratpur and Chowk Foreland, confirmed the successful rescue of a swamp deer stranded on the banks of Govind Sagar Lake for two days.

Details revealed that the swamp deer had been trapped in the marsh for the aforementioned duration, its legs firmly entrenched in the mud, rendering it unable to stand. Alerted by concerned local residents who spotted the distressed animal, the forest department promptly coordinated with the fire department to launch a joint rescue operation. After a concerted effort, the deer was safely extricated from its predicament and released. Subsequently, the relieved deer made its way back to the sanctuary of the jungle.

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