Engineering student from central India’s village creates unique multifunctional robot

Engineering student from central India’s village creates unique multifunctional robot

Shivam Sahu, an engineering student from a small village in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, has developed a robot capable of recognizing facial expressions and performing various actions such as handshakes, lifting arms, flexing biceps, and even exercising.

The incident took place at Karondi Village in Shahpura Tehsil of Dindori District and the video went viral on May 28.

Visuals showed The robot, crafted in striking red and black hues, showcased a variety of actions, from flexing its muscles to performing exercises. Adorned with a small Indian flag on its body, it captivated onlookers.

Shivam Sahu, hailing from Karondi village near Shahpura, has always been passionate about creating new things from small, unused household items. Currently studying at Gyan Ganga Engineering College in Jabalpur, Shivam spent his summer vacation innovatively by building a robot using scrap plastic, motors, and an auto base chip.

The robot, which Shivam has designed to assist with basic physical activities and respond to voice commands, can recognize facial expressions, shake hands, raise its arms, flex its biceps, and even perform yoga exercises. Shivam emphasized that the robot is still a work in progress, with more features planned for future updates.

Inspired by his engineer uncles, Shivam developed an early interest in science, moving from painting and sketching to creating light and motor models during his school years. His passion for engineering grew as he utilized the internet to learn programming and basic coding.

Shivam’s innovation has a personal motivation as well. Being an only child, he is concerned about the well-being of his parents, Tekeshwar and Rajni Sahu, when he has to be away for work. He aims to develop a robot capable of taking care of his parents in his absence and hopes to eventually provide similar robots to other elderly couples in need.

Shivam’s journey from a small village to building a sophisticated robot highlights the potential and ingenuity present in rural areas, waiting for the right moment to flourish.

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