Fallen tree disrupts highway route in northern India’s, SDRF swiftly restores traffic

Fallen tree disrupts highway route in northern India’s, SDRF swiftly restores traffic

A large tree fell on the highway in northern India’s Uttarakhand due to heavy rain and storm, disrupting traffic.

The incident took place near Kali Temple on the Rishikesh-Rani Pokhari highway in Rishikesh on June 21.

Visuals showed a large tree had fallen across the highway, completely blocking the road and causing all vehicles to come to a standstill. The tree sprawled across the entire width of the highway, with its branches and foliage creating an impassable barrier.

To clear the obstruction, the SDRF team arrived with cutting equipment. They meticulously worked to cut the tree, branch by branch, ensuring that each section was carefully removed. The team members, equipped with different tools to efficiently slice through the thick trunk and branches, gradually reducing the massive tree to manageable pieces. As they methodically progressed, the path slowly became clearer, allowing the highway to be reopened for traffic.

According to reports a massive tree collapsed on the Rishikesh-Ranipokhari highway following severe rainfall and stormy weather. The fallen tree landed on a car’s bonnet, but fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The traffic disruption left many travelers stranded and distressed. Upon receiving the information, the SDRF team from Dhalwala, Rishikesh, promptly arrived at the scene. Using cutting tools, the team efficiently removed the tree and cleared the highway. Grateful travelers praised the SDRF team and resumed their journeys to their respective destinations.


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