Farmer discovers 6.65 carat diamond in central India, fortune shines bright

Farmer discovers 6.65 carat diamond in central India, fortune shines bright

A stroke of extraordinary luck struck a poor farmer in India when he unearthed a dazzling 6.65-carat diamond in the Pati diamond mining area of central India’s Madhya Pradesh. 


The incident took place in Panna district on June 22.

Visuals showed Deshraj and his wife at the diamond office, their faces lit with excitement. Inside, the gem expert, Anupam Singh, is shown meticulously examining the diamond under a magnifying lens, ensuring its authenticity and quality. The sparkling gem as Singh tests its clarity and brilliance using specialised tools. Then the diamond being carefully placed on a precision scale, the digital display confirming its impressive 6.65-carat size.

Anupam Singh explained the process: “In Panna, finding diamonds involves a specific procedure. First, individuals must obtain a license from the diamond office, submitting photos, an Aadhaar card copy, and a fee. The license is valid for a year, and license holders are allotted an 8×8 meter plot for digging. Any found diamond must be submitted here for quality and price assessment before it goes to auction, where the government takes a 12.5% royalty.”


According to reports, the farmer, Deshraj Adivasi, and his wife were overjoyed at their newfound fortune.


Deshraj Adivasi, a resident of Gaureya Kakrahati, immediately deposited the diamond at the local diamond office. This valuable gem will be auctioned in the upcoming diamond auction.


Anupam Singh, a gem expert at the diamond office, shared insights into the find. Deshraj, who had obtained a mining lease from the diamond office, had previously discovered a 1.35-carat diamond just days before this remarkable find. Singh praised Deshraj’s perseverance and noted that both diamonds have been secured and will be featured in the next auction.

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