Farmers hurl stones at drones carrying tear gas in northern India

Farmers hurl stones at drones carrying tear gas in northern India

Farmers who have been protesting for the increase of the minimum price of their crops, hurled stones at drones carrying tear gas, in northern India’s Punjab and Haryana.

This incident happened near the Shambhu border in the Punjab-Haryana border on February 14.


Visuals showed the farmers hurling stones at the drones which were carrying tear gas to tackle the protest by the farmers. Not just this but the farmers also flew kites to damage the drones’ rotors. Farmers also gathered in large numbers and were on tractors, roaming and shouting slogans in the area. And this was also the occasion of the ‘Basant Panchami’ where people of all ages fly kites to welcome the arrival of spring.

Shaleen, the Deputy Commissioner in Ambala however, has said that the kites weren’t flown to take down the drones besides ordering action against the farmers who reportedly used banned Chinese strings in these kites. Also, a meeting is set to be held between the senior farmer leaders and union government ministers to discuss these issues. The farmers have been protesting for a higher MSP for their produce besides also seeking a monthly pension of Rs 10,000 ( USD 124.46) per month for those above 60 years of age, among other things.


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