Farmers unearth diamonds worth $84,000 USD in village of southern India

Farmers unearth diamonds worth $84,000 USD in village of southern India

Four diamonds valued at approximately Rs 70 lakh ($84,000 USD) have reportedly been discovered by farm workers in the village of southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.

The incident took place in Madanandapuram village in Tuggali mandal of Kurnool district on May 24.

Visuals showed in the fields, a large number of people were diligently searching for diamonds, their eyes scanning the wet ground with intense focus. The scene was abuzz with activity as farmers, villagers, and treasure seekers moved methodically, their hands and tools turning over the soil in hopes of uncovering hidden gems. Among the searchers, one man had found a small fragment of a diamond, its surface catching the light and sparkling amidst the earth.

According to reports on Friday evening, a local farmer from Madanandapuram village in Tuggali mandal found a semi-precious stone worth Rs 20 lakh ($24,000 USD). The stone was quickly sold to a merchant in Peravali village of Maddikera mandal.

Despite these reports, the police have dismissed the findings as rumors, stating that they have not received any official information about the discovery of valuable stones this year. However, villagers persist in their diamond hunting traditions, which typically commence in May and continue until the end of the rainy season.

Sekhar, a resident of Peravali village, explained, “The heavy rains help wash away several layers of ground, unearthing the precious stones. Unofficial reports claim that Maddikera and Tuggali mandals alone account for about diamonds worth Rs 5 crore ($666,667 USD) every year. While some commoners are becoming rich overnight, the hard work of others benefits middlemen.”

In the villages of Jonnagiri, Tuggali, Maddikera, Pagidirai, and Peravali mandals, it is common to see locals scratching the wet ground in search of diamonds during the rainy season. Local merchants and middlemen often purchase these diamonds from the villagers and sell them to big traders in Gutthi, Anantapur district.

As the diamond hunt continues, it remains to be seen whether more valuable stones will surface, potentially transforming the lives of the fortunate finders.

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