Fatal accident on highway in western India: car veers off highway

Fatal accident on highway in western India: car veers off highway

In a tragic turn of events in western India’s Maharashtra, a high-speed car lost control, leading to a fatal accident, where the vehicle veered off the road, flipping over into nearby fields.

The incident took place in the Chadhata area on the Beed-Ahmednagar National Highway on May 22.

Visuals showed the car hurtled down the highway at considerable speed. In an instant, the driver’s control slipped away like sand through clenched fists, and the vehicle veered off its intended path. With a heart-stopping lurch, it plunged into the nearby fields.

The horrifying accident unfolded at Bharadwaj near Beed city, leaving a community reeling from the sudden loss. Within a mere four seconds, the driver lost control of the speeding car, culminating in a catastrophic outcome. Eyewitnesses described the scene as profoundly distressing, with the vehicle overturning into the adjacent fields, indicating the sheer force of the impact.

Tragically, one individual lost their life on the spot as a result of the accident. The identity of the deceased has not yet been disclosed pending notification of next of kin. Rescue efforts swiftly mobilized to the scene, with emergency services attending to the aftermath of the devastating crash.

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