Female constables fend off robbers, prevent bank robbery in northern India

Female constables fend off robbers, prevent bank robbery in northern India

The bravery of two female constables was on show as they fended off robbers who had come to loot a bank, in northern India’s Bihar.

The incident reportedly happened at the North Bihar Gramin Bank in Sadar police station area of Hajipur district on January 18.

Visuals showed the one of the robbers enter the bank through the gate with his partners already standing inside. He took out a gun upon entering the space and so did his one of this partners. But the two lady cops weren’t deterred and instead, they attacked the two armed robbers. Another man, who seemed to be working with the robbers tried to grab her from behind as she was fighting with the armed men.

The cops, identified as Juhi Kumari and Shanti, were eventually able to chase away the four robbers from the bank after this scuffle. One of them did suffer an injury. The Superintendent of Police reportedly reached the spot later on and thanked the two policewomen for their bravery. The two cops were also given Rs 2000 ($24.59) each as reward for their show of courage by the Superintendent of Police, Vaishali.

The criminals then reportedly left the place without their bike, which was seized by the police. The police pursued them but they reportedly fired and fled the place. Raids are also being conducted by the Sadar police and District Intelligence Unit to arrest the criminals after collecting intelligence.

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