Feudal violence: High School Student Brutally Attacked in northern India

Feudal violence: High School Student Brutally Attacked in northern India

In a shocking incident highlighting the ongoing terror of feudal lords in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, a 12th-grade student named Karan Choudhary was subjected to a horrific assault. 


The incident took place in Meerut city on June 12.

Visuals showed how shamelessly the teenage boy was peed on when he was on his knees without any remorse on the face of the culprit.


According to reports, the attackers, identified as Mohit Thakur, Avi Sharma, Ashish Malik, and Rajan, urinated on Karan’s face and severely beat him.


This brutal act has drawn widespread condemnation and shed light on the persistent problem of feudal violence in the region. The incident occurred amidst rising concerns about the unchecked power and influence of feudal lords in Uttar Pradesh, who often resort to violence and intimidation to assert their dominance.


Karan Choudhary, a high school student, was targeted in what appears to be a deliberate act of humiliation and violence. The assault has left the community outraged and fearful, as such incidents are becoming increasingly common.


Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, and there are growing calls for swift action to be taken against the perpetrators. Local residents and activists are demanding stronger measures to curb the influence of feudal lords and ensure the safety and dignity of all citizens.

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