Fire breaks out at shop in northern India, engulfs in flames

Fire breaks out at shop in northern India, engulfs in flames

An unexpected fire erupted at Ankit Traders, rapidly engulfing the establishment in flames, reducing it to ashes before firefighters managed to gain control after hours of struggle in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place at Rath Nahr Bypass Kurara Road in Hamirpur district on April 9.

Visuals showed in a shop, a fierce fire raged, engulfing everything in its path, reducing goods to ashes. Thick, black smoke billowed in large quantities, veiling the surroundings in a shroud of darkness. A team of firefighters worked tirelessly, striving to gain control over the blazing inferno, their efforts illuminated by the flickering flames amidst the haze.

In Hamirpur, amidst the bustling lanes, tragedy struck unexpectedly at Ankit Traders as flames erupted, swiftly engulfing the premises in a ferocious blaze. The sudden outbreak of flames, stemming possibly from a short circuit, wreaked havoc, reducing the establishment to mere rubble and leaving behind a trail of devastation.

The Fire Brigade quickly came after getting the call for help. They faced many problems but worked hard to control the big fire. After many hours, they finally got control over the flames, stopping them from destroying more things.

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