Fire engulfs three buses at bus stand in northern India, no casualties reported

Fire engulfs three buses at bus stand in northern India, no casualties reported

In a harrowing incident at a bus stand in the night, three buses fell victim to a devastating blaze, officials confirmed.

The incident took place in Jammu bus stand, Srinagar on June 4.

Visuals showed how people started panicking as the fire was massive and started running away with urgency and their belongings.

Despite the intensity of the fire, fortunately, no casualties were reported.According to authorities, the majority of the buses managed to be driven out of harm’s way. However, tragically, three buses were engulfed in flames, leaving them completely gutted.

Prompt action from firefighters was crucial as they swiftly arrived at the scene, battling the inferno to prevent further damage. Their relentless efforts are currently focused on extinguishing the flames completely.

In a separate occurrence, firefighters averted a potential disaster by quickly extinguishing a fire that had engulfed a transformer in the Pacca Danga area. Officials noted that the fire, which occurred the previous evening, posed a significant threat but was promptly brought under control.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the fire at the bus stand stemmed from an unfortunate incident involving a bus conductor and another individual preparing their meals inside one of the buses. Tragically, a gas leak sparked the fire, which swiftly spread to neighbouring buses due to strong winds.

However, timely intervention by the police and fire services proved pivotal in containing and dousing the flames. Thanks to their swift action, no lives were lost during this distressing incident.

The community breathes a collective sigh of relief as emergency services continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and commuters in the area.

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