Fire incidents ravage forest and farmland in rural area of northern India

Fire incidents ravage forest and farmland in rural area of northern India

Recent fire outbreaks have wreaked havoc on both forested areas and agricultural lands in a rural region, resulting in significant damage to trees and crops in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place at Chilbila forest in Pratapgarh on April 4.

Visuals showed a team of firefighters was diligently working to extinguish the raging fire in the jungle. Amidst the thick smoke and towering trees, their silhouettes could be seen against the backdrop of flames, as they battled the blaze with hoses and equipment.

In the direction of the Forest Department office located near the police station in Pratapgarh, a fire broke out on Thursday evening. With the gusts of wind, the fire spread far and wide from the dry leaves falling from the trees. Fire brigade personnel arrived at the scene upon receiving the information and managed to control the fire. Several trees swayed due to burning leaves. The wheat crop was burnt due to an electrical short circuit.

In Birapur, near the market, an electric wire was pulled over Shyamlal’s wheat field. On Thursday evening, the wire broke and fell. Its spark caused a fire in the wheat crop. Upon seeing the crop burning, children playing cricket informed Shyamlal. Upon receiving the information, the villagers operated the submersible pump to extinguish the fire. By then, the crop had turned into ashes.

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