Firefighters rescue man trapped in tall tree in western India

Firefighters rescue man trapped in tall tree in western India

The Fire Brigade rescued a man who was stuck on a tall tree in northern India

The incident took place in Kondhwa Kurd of Pune district on May 22.

Visuals captured firefighters promptly erecting a ladder and ascending the tree to reach the stranded individual.

According to the reports, the Fire Brigade Control Room received a distress call at 9:30 AM reporting a man stuck in a tree and in urgent need of help. In response, three vehicles were dispatched: a fire engine from Kondhwa Khurd, a rescue van from the headquarters, and a Bronto vehicle equipped with a tall ladder.

Speaking to Newslions, leading Fireman Rahul Narayan Bandal said the man became trapped while pruning the tree as part of a contractual job for the society. Upon reaching the scene, firefighters found he was trapped about thirty feet high in the tree, calling out for assistance. They promptly erected a ladder and ascended the tree. The man, identified as Rama Pawar, aged 28 and a resident of Wanwadi, was visibly frightened. Reassuring him, the firefighters swiftly pruned surrounding branches and, using ropes, safely lowered him down within fifteen minutes. Both Rama Pawar and the locals expressed gratitude to the firefighters. Due to minor injuries and distress, Rama Pawar was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance. It was revealed that he had climbed the tree for pruning purposes.

The fireman explained that he sustained a leg injury and was taken to a private hospital for further treatment.

The rescue operation involved Fire Officers Sameer Sheikh, Kailas Shinde, and Team Leader Rahul Bandal, alongside drivers Rahul Jadhav, and Chimendra Pawar, and firemen Kishor Karbhar, Prasad Shinde, Ramraj Bagal, Santosh Mane, Sagar Shirke, Tejas Patel, Prathamesh Sagvekar, and Vaibhav Bakre.


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