Fishermen heroically rescue woman after she jumps into river in southern India

Fishermen heroically rescue woman after she jumps into river in southern India

In a dramatic turn of events, fishermen in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh rescued a woman attempting suicide by jumping into the Godavari River. The swift action by both police and local fishermen averted a tragic outcome.

The incident took place in the Godavari river in Rajahmundry in East Godavari District on June 28.

Visuals showed three fishermen, determined and swift, navigated their motorboat through the flowing waters of the river where a woman had plunged into despair. Amidst the currents, another fisherman maneuvered his boat skillfully, swiftly reaching the woman struggling in a state of unconsciousness. With precision and courage, they secured her aboard, ensuring her safe rescue from the river’s grasp.

In a miraculous rescue operation on Friday, local fishermen in Rajahmundry saved the life of Dudala Naga Lakshmi (40) who attempted suicide by jumping from the road-cum-rail bridge into the Godavari River. Struggling with family problems, Lakshmi’s desperate act prompted immediate response from the authorities.

The police received an urgent call reporting the incident and quickly alerted the fishermen operating in the area. Despite being some distance from the location where Lakshmi had jumped, the fishermen responded with remarkable speed, rushing to the scene on a motorboat.

Witnesses lauded the efforts of the Two Town police and the brave fishermen for their coordinated and efficient rescue operation. SI Rattaiah and PC Leela Kumar, who responded to the emergency call, were instrumental in mobilizing the rescue efforts.

After being pulled from the water, the police provided counseling to Lakshmi and later handed her over to her family. The entire community praised the courageous actions of the local fishermen and the police, acknowledging their life-saving intervention in what could have been a tragic incident.

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