Flight engine catches fire in southern India; pilot’s quick action prevents disaster

Flight engine catches fire in southern India; pilot’s quick action prevents disaster

A Malaysia Airlines flight in southern India’s Telangana narrowly escaped disaster after a fire broke out in its right engine just 15 minutes after take-off. Quick thinking by the pilot ensured the plane landed safely, leaving all 130 passengers unharmed.


The incident took place at Hyderabad city on June 19.

Visuals showed as the plane flew high above, a passenger recorded a shocking sight on their phone: flames creeping from the right engine. The flickering fire steadily intensified, casting a growing glow in the sky as time passed.


According to reports the Malaysia Airlines flight en route from Hyderabad’s Shamshabad International Airport to Kuala Lumpur experienced a significant emergency shortly after take-off. Approximately 15 minutes into the flight, the aircraft’s right engine caught fire due to a technical fault.


The pilot, who detected the fire promptly, alerted Air Traffic Control (ATC) and requested an emergency landing. In response, ATC officials instructed the pilot to circle the plane in the wind temporarily while preparing for an emergency landing. Understanding the gravity of the situation, ATC quickly granted permission for the emergency procedure.


Thanks to the pilot’s swift and decisive actions, the plane managed to land safely back at Shamshabad International Airport. The 130 passengers on board were visibly relieved and grateful for the safe outcome.


Airline officials have praised the crew for their immediate response, emphasizing that the rapid detection and handling of the incident prevented a potential catastrophe. An investigation has been initiated to determine the exact cause of the engine fire, ensuring future flights’ safety and reliability.


While the passengers and crew were understandably shaken, the successful emergency landing highlighted the importance of rigorous training and emergency preparedness in aviation.

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