Foreign tourists arrested for vandalizing pro-Palestine poster in southern India

Foreign tourists arrested for vandalizing pro-Palestine poster in southern India
Authorities have filed a case against two Australian women accused of damaging a pro-Palestine poster displayed by the Student Islamic Organisation (SIO) in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
The incident took place at Kamalakadavu, Kochi city on April 16.
Visuals showed the woman tearing up the poster. In another visual, the woman was seen arguing with a local over the same issue. She was unhappy with the content on the poster and therefore attempted to destroy it.
The Jewish-origin Australian woman engaged in heated arguments, allegedly with the SIO activists, after tearing down the poster. In the video, she is heard saying she did it for the people of Israel. She also accused the individuals who erected the posters of spreading propaganda. However, the youth responded that they had the democratic right to display the posters.

The women are still staying at the homestay where they previously checked in and are currently under police observation, stated Mattancherry Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) K R Manoj. He added that they would be brought to court if necessary.

According to reports, The poster carried a protest message condemning Israel for its assault on Palestinian land. According to the police, the board displayed the message, “Silence is violence, stand up for humanity.” The police called the women to the station on Tuesday evening and subsequently released them. They were charged under IPC Section 153 for allegedly inciting violence with the intent to cause a riot, following a complaint filed by SIO activists who also staged a protest at the Fort Kochi police station on Tuesday night.
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