Forest officer rescues pangolin in eastern India

Forest officer rescues pangolin in eastern India

A forest officer released a pangolin in the forest in eastern India’s West Bengal.

The incident took place at Jaldapara National Park in Alipurduar on May 28 in the evening.

Visuals showed during the rescue, a pangolin was released into the forest and was seen wandering on the grass.


Speaking to Newslions, IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan stated that the pangolin had come out of its forest and entered the human residential area, which was rescued by forest officers and released back into the forest.

According to reports wildlife trafficking is the world’s second-largest black market, and one animal is trafficked more than any other. There are eight species of pangolins, with four found in Asia and four in Africa. All species are protected by international treaties, with two classified as endangered. The primary demand for pangolin scales comes from Asia, where their meat is prized in Vietnam and China, and their scales are used for medicinal purposes. Some cultures believe that pangolin scales can cure cancer and increase lactation in women.

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