Four wagons of goods train derail in yard in central India, coal shipment disrupted

Four wagons of goods train derail in yard in central India, coal shipment disrupted

Four wagons of a coal-laden goods train derailed in the railway station yard of central India’s Madhya Pradesh. Despite the derailment, passenger train services remain unaffected.

The incident took place at the Railway Station in Shahdol district on June 27.

Visuals showed a coal-laden train that was en route derailed and overturned after veering off the tracks. Nearby, a group of onlookers gathered for investigation and assessment purposes, observing the scene closely amidst the railway officials’ activities.

According to reports a goods train carrying coal from Surajpur, Chhattisgarh, to Rajasthan experienced a derailment at approximately 6:40 AM. According to railway officials, the incident occurred on yard line 10, causing four wagons to derail and overturn. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties.

Upon receiving information about the accident, railway officials promptly arrived at the site to initiate rescue operations. The affected wagons are being cleared from the tracks with urgency to prevent any further disruptions.

The derailment led to the activation of railway sirens, alarming many residents who feared a major incident. However, railway officials reassured the public that the derailment occurred in the yard and not on the main line, ensuring that passenger train services continue without interruption. Senior officials are overseeing the rescue operation to ensure swift clearance and minimal impact on railway operations.

The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation, and efforts are being made to restore normalcy at the earliest.

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