Four-wheeler stuck under flooded underpass due to heavy rain in central India

Four-wheeler stuck under flooded underpass due to heavy rain in central India

A potentially dangerous situation was averted in central India’s Madhya Pradesh as a four-wheeler got stuck under the underpass, which was flooded due to heavy rain.


The incident took place at Bhima Khedi Village in Javra, Ratlam district on June 27.

Visuals showed after continuous and heavy rainfall, water accumulated to a significant height under a flyover, turning it into a dangerous waterlogged area. A car, unable to navigate through the deep water, became stuck. The scene was tense as the car’s situation was precarious. Nearby residents quickly sprang into action, demonstrating remarkable teamwork and resourcefulness.


They tied a sturdy rope to the stranded vehicle, carefully coordinating their efforts to pull it out of the water. Despite the challenging conditions, their persistent efforts paid off as they slowly managed to move the car to a safer location. The entire rescue operation was closely watched by a large crowd of onlookers who had gathered around, adding to the atmosphere of urgency and concern.


In the village of Bhima Khedi, Ratlam district’s Javra area, a four-wheeler became stuck under the Bhimachi underpass due to flooding caused by heavy rain. Fortunately, the driver managed to escape in time, preventing what could have been a major accident.


Nearby villagers struggled but eventually managed to pull the vehicle out using ropes. This incident highlights an ongoing issue, as every year the underpass floods during the rainy season, causing significant problems for the local residents. Despite repeated complaints, the issue remains unresolved.

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