Gold chain snatched from woman’s neck near temple in northern India

Gold chain snatched from woman’s neck near temple in northern India

In a brazen daylight robbery, a woman had her gold chain snatched from her neck by two assailants on a bike in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place near the Digambar Jain Temple in Mahmudabad area of Sitapur on April 24.

Visuals showed two individuals on a bike, with their faces concealed, approached a woman near a corner close to the temple premises. In a swift and daring move, one of the assailants snatched the gold chain from her neck before speeding away on the bike.

Residents of Mahamudabad were left shocked and dismayed as news spread of a woman being robbed of her gold chain near the revered Digambar Jain Temple. The victim, identified as Pushpa Jain Sarawgi, a regular visitor to the temple, was on her way for morning prayers when the incident occurred.

Fortunately, the entire episode was captured on CCTV cameras installed at a nearby clothing store, providing crucial evidence for the police investigation. Shreekumar, Pushpa’s husband, expressed his shock and dismay at the incident, highlighting the routine nature of his wife’s visits to the temple.

The stolen gold chain is estimated to be worth around one and a half lakh rupees, adding further gravity to the crime. Dinesh Shukla, the Chief Executive Officer of the area, assured the public that the police are diligently reviewing the CCTV footage and are determined to apprehend the culprits swiftly.

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