Groom attacked on stage by bride’s ex-lover during wedding in northern India

Groom attacked on stage by bride’s ex-lover during wedding in northern India

In a shocking incident at a wedding in northern India’s Rajasthan, a man attacked the groom on stage under the guise of giving a gift to the bride.

The incident took place at Uncha village of Chittorgarh and the video went viral on May 19.

Visuals showed during the wedding, the bride and groom were seated on the stage. A man approached them under the pretense of giving a gift. After handing over the gift, he started punching the groom. The bride immediately stood up and tried to protect her groom, and soon others rushed to the stage to help.

According to reports, during the wedding ceremony of Krishna, a government school teacher, and Mahendra Sen from Peepali in Bhilwara district, a former colleague named Shankar Lal Bharti arrived on stage pretending to offer his blessings. The assailant, who held a grudge against the bride from their time working together at the Mandapiya Government Higher Secondary School two years prior, handed a gift to Krishna before launching a knife attack on Mahendra.

Fortunately, the groom’s traditional headgear, a pagdi, absorbed the impact, preventing serious injury. Mahendra sustained minor head injuries in the attack. The violent disruption caused panic among the wedding guests, and although police arrived quickly, Shankar Lal managed to flee the scene.

The bride’s brother, Vishal Sael, lodged a police complaint, detailing that the assailant was accompanied by Durgalal Teli and Prabhulal Jat, who also participated in the disturbance, along with a group led by Dinesh Bharti who threw stones at the scene before escaping.

The police have registered a case and commenced an investigation into the incident. The video footage of the attack, showing Shankar Lal handing over the gift and then attacking the groom, has gone viral, adding to the public outcry over the incident.

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