Gun-wielding driver threatens toll booth worker in northern India

Gun-wielding driver threatens toll booth worker in northern India

A shocking incident unfolded at a toll plaza in northern India’s Bihar, as a car driver brandished a pistol and threatened a toll booth worker when asked to pay toll tax.

The incident took place at the Meethi Toll Plaza in Muzaffarpur on April 23.

Visuals showed inside the toll plaza, amidst the hustle and bustle of vehicles passing through, a lone toll booth worker diligently carried out his duties. Suddenly, a car screeched to a halt, and the driver swiftly emerged from the vehicle. With a menacing glare, he grabbed the collar of the toll worker, his face contorted with anger as he unleashed a barrage of threats. Moments later, as swiftly as he had arrived, the aggressor fled the scene, leaving behind a shaken toll booth worker amidst the chaotic backdrop of the toll plaza.

In a brazen display of aggression, a car driver confronted a toll booth worker at the Meethi Toll Plaza in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The altercation began when the toll worker, identified as Neeraj Gupta, requested the driver to pay the toll fee for using the lane. However, the situation quickly escalated when the driver refused to comply, claiming he doesn’t pay toll fees anywhere.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the driver, visibly agitated, began hurling abusive language at the toll booth worker. Suddenly, to the shock of onlookers, he reached for his waist and pulled out a pistol, threatening the toll worker with dire consequences.

Fortunately, the toll worker managed to evade any harm as the driver quickly paid the toll using a fast tag and sped away from the scene. However, the entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the toll plaza, providing irrefutable evidence of the confrontation.

Speaking of the incident, toll manager Om Pratap Singh condemned the act of aggression against the toll booth worker and promptly filed an FIR against the assailant. Authorities at the Gayghat police station confirmed the registration of the FIR and assured a thorough investigation into the matter.

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