Heavy rain causes flight delays in western India; travel woes at airport

Heavy rain causes flight delays in western India; travel woes at airport

Amidst heavy rainfall in western India’s Maharashtra, flights at an airport experienced significant delays, leaving passengers stranded and facing challenges in reaching their destinations.

The incident took place in Pune city on June 9.

Visuals showed a harrowing scene at the airport’s runway as it was raining cats and dogs.

The inclement weather not only disrupted flight schedules but also led to traffic congestion and waterlogging across the city, particularly on routes to and from the airport.

Passengers, such as Siddhant Malani recounted harrowing experiences during their flights, expressing concerns about safety amidst the intense rain. Despite the adverse conditions, flights eventually managed to land safely, albeit with delays.

Furthermore, passengers like Akanksha Saini took to social media platforms to express their frustrations with the inefficiencies at Pune Airport. Complaints ranged from delayed clearance for parking to prolonged waits on the runway after landing.

In response to the grievances, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) acknowledged the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, leading to delays and congestion at the airport. The AAI expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to passengers.

The impact of heavy rainfall extended beyond flight operations, affecting commuters travelling to and from Pune Airport. Amit Paranjape described the chaotic conditions on the roads, citing major waterlogging and traffic congestion, particularly near the Lohegaon Airport and Viman Nagar areas.

To mitigate further disruptions, airlines have issued advisories urging passengers to anticipate delays and plan their journeys accordingly. Vistara Airlines, for instance, advised customers to allow extra time for their commute to Pune Airport, considering the anticipated traffic congestion and slow movement of vehicles due to the ongoing heavy rainfall.

As the inclement weather persists and with a heavy rain alert in place for the coming days, travellers are advised to stay updated on flight statuses and exercise caution while navigating the city’s roads.

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