Heavy rainfall wreaks havoc in western India

Heavy rainfall wreaks havoc in western India

Seven to eight mud houses were left severely damaged after heavy rainfall wreaked havoc in western India’s Gujarat.

This happened in Talala city of Gir Somnath district on July 19.


Visuals showed the destruction left by the rainfall as the houses were all destroyed and collapsed. Rubble laid all around the area where these houses were. The whole area was left flooded by the heavy rainfall. A rescue team was also seen on a boat as it attempted to rescue the people affected in this. According to a report, the raw mud houses collapsed due to the rainfall but fortunately, there weren’t any injuries or casualties reported.

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) rushed to the spot to carry out relief and rescue operations with around 25 officials engaging in the work with policemen in different areas of the district. Societies near the Veraval-Somnath bypass were also flooded which also left several people stranded. The report also states that local swimmers also joined in as they rescued children, women and elderly people with the help of boats.


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