Heavy rains cause bridge collapse in northern India

Heavy rains cause bridge collapse in northern India

Due to heavy rains, the river swelled and a bridge collapsed in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident occurred on the Bhatrojkhan motor road in Ramnagar of Nainital district on July 6.

Visuals showed the river suddenly overflowing, causing the lower part of the bridge to break and be swept away by the current. Commuters were filming the havoc caused by the rain.

According to reports, the bridge was built over the Panyali Gadhera River and had become very dilapidated with age. Ramnagar connects many areas of Kumaon situated on Mohan Road. Many vehicles cross this bridge daily to destinations including Bhatraunjkhan, Bhikiyasain, Ranikhet, Almora, and Karnaprayag. However, after the bridge collapsed, movement on this route was completely disrupted. Vehicles will now have to reach their destinations via Ramnagar to Mohan and Mohan to Chimtakhal. Officials have begun arriving at the site following the collapse.



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