Heavy rains cause cars to sink into road potholes across northern India

Heavy rains cause cars to sink into road potholes across northern India

After incessant rains, several cars were trapped in large potholes on northern India’s Delhi waterlogged roads, causing major disruptions and highlighting the city’s infrastructural challenges.


The incident took place near Hansraj College and Rohini Metro station in Delhi on June 28. 

Visuals showed a gray car was visibly trapped in a large, water-filled pothole near the metro station, highlighting the severity of the waterlogging. In another video clip, a car near a college had completely fallen into a deep pit, submerged in water. The car was later lifted out of the pit using a crane, showcasing the hazardous conditions caused by the incessant rains and the challenges faced by commuters and authorities in managing the aftermath.


Heavy rainfall overnight has resulted in widespread waterlogging in several areas of Delhi, creating significant challenges for the public. A viral video circulating on social media captures a dramatic incident near Hansraj College in the Malka Ganj Chowk area, where a car sank into a pit amid the downpour. The video features a man attributing the incident to roadwork for the metro project. The car was later retrieved from the pit using a crane.


In another incident, a car was seen sinking into a pothole near the Rohini Sector 18 metro station, further highlighting the hazardous conditions caused by the rainfall and waterlogging.


The incessant rains have severely impacted daily life in the city, with many roads becoming impassable. The Lodhi Estate area experienced complete blockage of vehicular movement due to severe waterlogging. This has disrupted the lives of residents, including SP MP Ram Gopal Yadav and several Union Ministers and MPs.


Commuters across Delhi are facing significant delays and challenges as many roads remain flooded and blocked. Authorities are working to alleviate the situation, but the heavy rains have made immediate relief difficult.


The ongoing monsoon season continues to test the city’s infrastructure and resilience, with residents and officials alike hoping for a respite from the relentless downpour.

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