Heavy Rains Cause Flooding, Commuter Stranding in southern India

Heavy Rains Cause Flooding, Commuter Stranding in southern India

In the midst of heavy rainfall sweeping through a town in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh, a critical situation unfolded as floodwaters inundated the area, resulting in a precarious scenario for commuters.

The incident took place in  Banaganapalle Constituency on June 6.

Visuals showed overflowing of a canal at Sanjamala due to the relentless downpour created havoc, particularly for those navigating the region’s roadways. Amidst the chaos, an RTC (Road Transport Corporation) bus found itself stranded on a bridge over the flooded canal, trapped amidst the rising waters.

Despite the perilous circumstances, the passengers aboard the RTC bus managed to escape unharmed, averting a potential disaster.

As authorities work to address the repercussions of the heavy rains and mitigate the impact of flooding in Nandyala, the incident underscores the resilience of communities in the face of adversity and the importance of preparedness in safeguarding lives and infrastructure against the forces of nature.

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