Heavy rains in northern India cause severe flooding, cars swept away in the Ganges

Heavy rains in northern India cause severe flooding, cars swept away in the Ganges

Heavy monsoon rains have caused severe flooding in northern India’s Uttarakhand. 


The incident took place in Haridwar city on June 30.

Visuals showed a car getting swept away in the water currents looking like a toy car and people trying to get to the shore from inside the water.


According to reports, the downpour led to significant waterlogging on roads and inundated homes, creating chaos for residents.


The sudden rise in the water level of the Ganges River resulted in vehicles parked outside being swept away by the strong currents. Dramatic videos of cars floating down the river like straws have gone viral on social media, illustrating the severity of the situation.


Local authorities reported that the heavy rains began on Saturday, marking the onset of the monsoon season. The incessant rain quickly overwhelmed the city’s drainage systems, leading to widespread flooding. Streets turned into rivers, making it challenging for residents to move around.


In Haridwar, a city known for its religious significance and situated along the banks of the Ganges, the rising river levels pose a particular threat. The city often attracts numerous visitors and pilgrims, increasing the potential impact of such natural disasters.


The heavy rains in Haridwar highlight the challenges faced by many regions in India during the monsoon season, underscoring the importance of preparedness and effective response strategies to mitigate the effects of such natural calamities.

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