Heavy rains in southern India, cause metro train Overcrowding

Heavy rains in southern India, cause metro train Overcrowding

Torrential rains in southern India’s Telangana have led to severe overcrowding on metro trains.

The incident took place at Panjagutta Metro Station on June 5.

Visuals showed the scene at the metro station was chaotic during the heavy rain. A throng of people filled the platform, jostling and pushing each other in a desperate attempt to board the already packed trains. Umbrellas and wet raincoats added to the confusion, making the narrow space feel even more cramped.

Continuous heavy rains have paralyzed parts of Hyderabad, causing significant disruptions in the city’s transportation network. The metro system, a crucial lifeline for daily commuters, has been overwhelmed by an influx of passengers seeking refuge from the downpour and avoiding waterlogged roads.

At Panjagutta station, one of the city’s busiest transit points, the situation has become particularly dire. Reports from the ground indicate packed platforms and trains running at full capacity, leaving many passengers stranded or forced to wait for extended periods to board.

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