Heavy rains wreak havoc in northern India: homes, shops damaged, livestock lost

Heavy rains wreak havoc in northern India: homes, shops damaged, livestock lost

Torrential rains have caused severe destruction in northern India’s Uttarakhand. Over the past two to three days, the region has experienced unpredictable weather patterns, with heavy downpours leading to significant damage and distress.


The incident took place at Farsadi Village in Pauri Garhwal region in the Pauri district on May 22.

Visuals showed after heavy and continuous rainfall, the village was flooded. All the houses were submerged, debris scattered around, and the water level had risen considerably, flowing swiftly.


The relentless rainwater has inundated homes, causing extensive damage to property and farmland. Numerous houses and shops have been damaged, resulting in the unfortunate death of some livestock. Although the exact number of livestock casualties remains unconfirmed, the impact on the community is evident.


The heavy rainfall has also led to flooding on roads, with up to 30 meters of water covering stretches of the state highway. In the Bajron area, the devastation is extensive, further complicating the situation for residents and local authorities.


The local administration has been actively involved in relief and rescue operations. Temporary shelters have been set up in primary schools and panchayat buildings for those affected by the flooding. Additionally, food packets, clean drinking water, and medical teams have been dispatched to provide necessary aid.


The ongoing heavy rains have created a dual scenario in Uttarakhand: relief from the summer heat on one hand and severe hardship for many on the other. The situation continues to evolve as the local authorities work tirelessly to mitigate the impact on the affected communities.

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