Heroic electric worker restores power amidst danger in southern India

Heroic electric worker restores power amidst danger in southern India

A brave electric helper fearlessly restores power in southern India’s Telangana, earning praise for his heroic act.

The incident took place at Patarlapahad village in Suryapet district on July 28.


Visuals showed a village was affected by a flood, the water rose significantly, submerging electric poles and their wires. To address the situation, a courageous villager ventured into the flooded area, wading through the water to reach the waterlogged electric pole. With determination, he skillfully climbed the pole, working diligently to repair the damaged wires.

The scene depicted resilience and bravery amidst the challenging circumstances, as the water continued to flow around him.

According to reports, the delighted electric helper named Santosh from Patarlapahad village in Suryapet district, fearlessly faced a dangerous situation without backing down when a wire had come loose during the rainy season.
With courage, he confronted the risky situation, repaired the electric pole, and restored the much-needed electricity in the entire village. The selfless service of Santosh touched the hearts of the villagers, and they applauded his dedication and determination in resolving the issue.


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