Heroic railway staff saves elderly passenger at station in eastern India

Heroic railway staff saves elderly passenger at station in eastern India

A dramatic rescue took place at a railway station in eastern India’s Jharkhand, showcasing the dedication and quick response of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) under Operation JEEVAN RAKSHA. 


The incident took place at Madhupur station in Madhupur town, Deoghar district on June 26.

Visuals showed an elderly passenger attempting to board the moving train lost his balance and fell into the dangerous gap between the train and the platform. CT M.K. Mondal, an on-duty RPF staff member, immediately noticed the passenger’s perilous situation. Without hesitation, Mondal rushed to the scene and managed to pull the passenger out of the gap, saving him from what could have been a fatal accident. 


According to reports, the swift and heroic actions of CT M.K. Mondal not only prevented a tragedy but also highlighted the crucial role RPF personnel play in ensuring the safety of railway passengers.


This incident emphasises the importance of vigilance and readiness among railway staff, particularly under initiatives like Operation JEEVAN RAKSHA. The operation aims to enhance passenger safety across India’s extensive railway network, and the actions of CT M.K. Mondal serves as a testament to the effectiveness and necessity of such programs. The elderly passenger’s life was spared thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of a dedicated railway employee, reinforcing the commitment of the RPF to protect and serve.

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