Heroic rescue: Indian Army Officer saves 7-day-old infant from flooded house in northeastern India

Heroic rescue: Indian Army Officer saves 7-day-old infant from flooded house in northeastern India

In the midst of the devastating floods in northeastern India’s Manipur, Lieutenant Colonel MP Singh, along with his courageous team rescued a week-old baby from the rising waters.


The incident took place at Leimakhong town in the Kangpokpi district on May 31.

Visuals showed in the darkness of the night, amidst a flooded home, army personnel carefully rescued a family. Among them was a tiny 7-day-old baby. With gentle hands and cautious steps, the rescue team ensured the baby’s safety as they navigated the swirling waters, a beacon of hope in the midst of the storm.


As floodwaters surged through Manipur, wreaking havoc and threatening lives, Lieutenant Colonel MP Singh and his team from the Red Shield Division’s 267 Leimakhong Engineering Regiment didn’t hesitate to plunge into action.


Amidst the chaos and desperation, the sight of Lt Col MP Singh cradling the fragile newborn in his arms brought a glimmer of hope to the dire situation. The infant, only a week old, was among the most vulnerable victims of the flood, yet thanks to the swift and selfless actions of the Indian Army team, she was now safe from harm’s way.


Their heroic efforts did not go unnoticed, garnering admiration and gratitude from the local community and beyond. In the face of adversity, the Indian Army’s commitment to serving the nation and its people shone brightly, inspiring hope and resilience in the wake of disaster.


According to officials, the rainfall has stopped since Thursday and due to the diversion of over-flooded water spilt from the Imphal River, the water level of the most affected area has been gradually decreasing by one foot. The water level in the Khwairamband market area, which is one of the major markets in Imphal, is also decreasing.


The spill of the Imphal River also affected the Raj Bhavan campus in Imphal. On Friday morning, Governor Anusuiya Uikey inspected the flooded area of the Raj Bhavan campus along with other officials and the disaster management teams.


All the office buildings, including the Raj Bhavan secretariat, office of the governor, staff quarter, and security barracks, have been inundated by flood water.  Uikey on Friday reviewed the arrangement taken up to control the situation and asked the officials to take up possible measures to mitigate the pathetic condition of the Raj Bhavan complex located in the heart of the capital.


Speaking to the reporters, a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) officer at Raj Bhavan’s main gate said the water level inside the campus reached about 5.5 feet from the ground. Besides, the joint rescue mission is still continuing in the most affected area of Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai, Laipham Khunou of Imphal, Ngaram Manipur.

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