Horrific! Bus plunges into valley in western India

Horrific! Bus plunges into valley in western India
A petrifying bus accident took place in western India’s Gujarat where a bus fell into a valley as the driver lost control over it.

The incident took place at Saputara Ghat of Dang district on July 7.

Visuals showed a bus losing control, speeding erratically while a person recorded the scene. The spine-chilling incident captured the bus plunging into a valley, abruptly cutting the video to a black screen. The chaotic descent left a haunting impression of impending disaster.

According to reports, the accident occurred when the bus driver lost control while trying to overtake a truck. The bus was carrying 70 passengers, all of whom were reported to be from Surat, Gujarat. Also, two children died in the accident when the luxury bus fell into the valley.

Reportedly, Saputara is a tourist spot on the border of the Nashik district, attracts large crowds, especially during the rainy season when visitors flock to admire the spectacular natural views.

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