Huge drugs crackdown in southern India: police seize cannabis worth lakhs

Huge drugs crackdown in southern India: police seize cannabis worth lakhs

In a significant operation in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh police have seized 800 kg of drugs worth ₹40 lakhs (47899.04 USD) in two separate cases. The crackdown led to the arrest of four individuals, with two vehicles—a van and a car—confiscated.


The incident took place at Chintoor Centre in Alluri Sitarama Raju District on July 10.

Visuals showed the police team escorting the apprehended drug dealers, whose faces were covered with clothes. Nearby, several sacks of seized drugs were also present. The officers provided detailed information about the incident to the gathered media, explaining the circumstances of the seizure and arrests. The scene depicted a significant law enforcement operation, with the drug dealers under tight security and the confiscated drugs serving as evidence of the successful crackdown.


In the first case, police intercepted an Eicher van transporting 550 kg of ganja from Motugudem to Morena, Madhya Pradesh. Five individuals from Madhya Pradesh, identified as Amit Giri, Shiva Dayal Dore, Alok Gotham, Ranjit Mavai, and Durgesh Goswami, were implicated. They had purchased the ganja from a person named Sanjeev, also known as Gennu, from Allurikota, Odisha. The contraband was loaded in a forest on the outskirts of Motugudem village. While the police managed to arrest the individuals, Sanjeev, Ranjit Mawai, and Durgesh Goswami remain at large.


In the second case, authorities seized 250 kg of ganja being transported from Mangampadu to Hyderabad via Bhadrachalam. Majji Venkat Sumanth, an employee of ITC in Sarapaka, was apprehended. His accomplices, Satish Reddy of Sarapaka and Vivek of Janagam, were acting as pilots and remain absconding.


ASP Rahul Meena, addressing a media conference in Chintur, highlighted that many locals unknowingly rent out their vehicles to ganja transporters, who use false information to hire these vehicles. The Chintoor Circle Inspector Gajendra and Mothugudem Sub Inspector Constables also participated in the briefing.


This crackdown underscores the ongoing efforts of the police to combat illegal drug trafficking in the region.

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