Iconic Shiv Temple in northern India destroyed by massive fire

Iconic Shiv Temple in northern India destroyed by massive fire

The historic Shiv Temple in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir, situated atop a hillock in the popular tourist destination was gutted in a devastating fire early Wednesday morning, officials reported.

The incident took place at the Shiv temple in Gulmarg of Baramulla on June 5.

Visuals showed at night, a temple was engulfed in a ferocious fire. The flames were intense, reaching high and quickly consuming the upper part of the temple, turning it to ashes. By morning, when the fire had finally been extinguished, a police team arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation.

The blaze, which erupted before dawn, has left the iconic temple in ruins. Police and local residents managed to extinguish the flames, but the structure could not be saved. The cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time.

The Shiv Temple held significant cultural value, having been featured in several Bollywood movies, most notably in the hit song “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar” from the film “Aap Ki Kasam”. It was a favored spot among tourists visiting Gulmarg.

Efforts are underway to investigate the cause of the fire and to assess the extent of the damage. The loss of the temple is a major cultural and historical setback for the region.

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