Indian Air Force rescues over 1000 from calamity-hit in northern India

Indian Air Force rescues over 1000 from calamity-hit in northern India

The Indian Air Force rescued over 1000 people from the calamity-hit in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh.

The incident took place at the Indora sub-division in Kangra on August 17.


Visuals showed amidst danger, a helicopter conducted daring rescues. People were airlifted to safety, escaping precarious surroundings. A life-saving mission executed with precision, bringing hope to those in distress.

The Indian Air Force has been carrying out rescue operations in the flood-hit areas of Himachal Pradesh which has been battered with incessant rains in the past one week. Around 70 people across the state have been killed in the rain and landslide-related incidents while over a thousand have been rescued and evacuated to safer places. The Indian Air Force has deployed its helicopter for the rescue operation which rescued over 220 citizens from the flood-affected district of Kangra.

On Wednesday, senior Congress leader and former Union minister Anand Sharma urged the Centre to immediately release an interim-relief package for the calamity-hit state, saying partisan politics has no place in such a situation.

“Himachal needs the nation’s solidarity in this hour of crisis. It was the demand and rightful expectation that the Union government would sanction a special relief package and stand by the people of Himachal Pradesh. That is the constitutional duty of the Centre.”

“The indifferent attitude of the Centre and the long delay in announcing the package is most unfortunate and unacceptable. Partisan politics must have no place in such a situation. A robust interim relief package be sanctioned immediately,” he said.


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