Injured Sambar deer rescued from pond in western India

Injured Sambar deer rescued from pond in western India

Officials of the forest department came to the aid of a Sambar deer which was injured and stuck in a pond, in western India’s Maharashtra.

This incident happened in Satara district of the state on March 29.

Visuals showed the deer sitting in the middle of the pond. One of the officials tried to approach the animal who was visibly scared and it reacted by running away from the area. It was also seen taking big leaps and running away from the pond and into an open area adjacent to it.

As per a report, the deer had sustained injuries after being attacked by stray dogs and the Satara forest department officials rushed to the spot to rescue the wild animal. The deer was subsequently sent to Pune for further treatment. Forester Sunil Shinde, Assistant Forest Conservator Satara Mahesh Jhanjurne, Nivruti Chavan, Forester, Omkar Dhale, Pawan Shirtode and villager Degaav were the ones involved in this rescue operation. The forest department also appealed to the locals to inform them in case they come across a wild animal.

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