Islamist mob attacks temple in western India, vandalizes hindu deities

Islamist mob attacks temple in western India, vandalizes hindu deities

An Islamist mob launched a pre-planned attack on a temple in western India’s Gujarat. The mob, fueled by rumors of grave removals, forcibly entered the temple premises, vandalizing Hindu deities and damaging property.

The incident took place at the Prerna Pith Nishkalki Temple in Ahmedabad on May 8.

Visuals showed inside the temple was one of chaos and desecration as a mob armed with sticks and iron rods rampaged through the sacred space. The air was thick with tension and fear as the assailants wielded their weapons, shattering the tranquility of the temple’s sanctum. Hindu deities, once revered symbols of devotion, lay broken and defiled amidst the tumultuous atmosphere. The echoes of destruction reverberated off the walls, casting shadows over the sacred icons that had been despoiled in the frenzy of violence.

In a disturbing turn of events, an Islamist mob targeted the Prerna Peeth Nishkalki Temple located in Pirana, Ahmedabad, on Wednesday evening. Video footage circulating on social media reveals the chaos as miscreants, identifiable by their skull caps, brandished sticks and iron rods, forcefully entered the temple premises.

The attack, allegedly pre-planned according to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), ensued amidst rumors of grave removals from the site. Local Muslims congregated in significant numbers, escalating tensions around the temple. Amid the commotion, the mob breached the temple’s walls, wreaking havoc inside.

The VHP reported that several idols of Hindu deities were vandalized during the assault, adding fuel to the longstanding controversy surrounding the temple’s status. While the Muslim party contends it as a shrine, the Hindu faction maintains its identity as a temple.

Authorities swiftly responded to the scene, with the Ahmedabad rural district police station and additional police units including the Special Operations Group (SOG) and Local Crime Branch (LCB) mobilized to restore order. The situation was brought under control, and investigations into the incident are currently underway.

Efforts to reach out to VHP for further clarification were unsuccessful, while the Bajrang Dal’s Gujarat unit also corroborated the attack through posted videos.

As the investigation unfolds, the incident underscores the delicate religious dynamics and the importance of maintaining communal harmony in diverse societies.

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