Joyful patient sings during brain surgery in central India

Joyful patient sings during brain surgery in central India

A man was heard singing a song during his brain surgery in central India’s Chhattisgarh.

The operation was done in the Suyash Hospital in the Raipur district on June 3.

Visuals showed a patient lying on the hospital bed. His face was covered with a plastic cover and a few pipes were connected to his body. His brain had scissors poked in and covered with blood. Doctors were seen operating on his brain and were continuously talking to him.

The most amusing and unusual scene was that the patient who was being operated on was singing ‘Ghazal’ (song) during the surgery.

Speaking to Newslions, Dr. Rahul Ahluwalia, a neurosurgeon at Suyash Hospital said that the patient Rajkumar Pandey, suffering from left frontal brain tumor (low-grade glioma) in his speech area experienced two episodes of fits followed by unconsciousness.

When he regained consciousness, he experienced difficulties moving his right arm and leg and in talking. This suggested that the tumor was affecting vital areas controlling speech and movements.

He was operated by a modern technique called “awake craniotomy ” where the patient remains awake during surgery without any pain. The patient was singing famous ghazals of legendary singer Ghulam Ali while his brain was gently being handled and tumor resection was done.

The patient being awake and singing ensured that vital brain areas were not damaged during surgery.

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