Knife attack attempt on highway in southern India, four arrested

Knife attack attempt on highway in southern India, four arrested

In a dramatic turn of events, Coimbatore District Police in southern India’s Tamil Nadu apprehended four individuals involved in a violent highway ambush.

The incident took place on the Salem–Kochi highway on June 14.

Visuals showed the attackers chased the car before stopping it on the highway and trying to break in with knives.

According to reports, Superintendent of Police V. Badrinarayanan revealed that the suspects, all from Kerala’s Palakkad district, pursued the vehicle driven by Aslam Siddique, 27, from Ernakulam. The assailants believed the car carried unaccounted cash, a tip that turned out to be false. Siddique, who was returning from Bengaluru after purchasing computer equipment, and his two friends managed to escape after a harrowing chase, caught on their car’s cameras and widely shared on social media.

The arrested suspects include K. Sivadas, 29; Ramesh Babu, 27; M. Vishnu, 28; and M. Ajay, 24. Vishnu, notably, was an army serviceman who had not returned to duty post-holiday. Police have also identified four more suspects and seized the three cars used in the ambush. Authorities assure that the remaining attackers will be apprehended soon.

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