Landslide in northern India causes tragic accident

Landslide in northern India causes tragic accident

In the northern India’s Uttarakhand, a tragic landslide occurred between two towns.

The incident took place in between the towns Karnaprayag and Gauchar of Chamoli district July 6.

Visuals showed a horrifying and sad site of the crushed motorcycle under the debris of the moutain and officials around the area to fix the situation.

According to reports, the landslide led to a part of the hill collapsing onto the road. Two motorcyclists, Nirmal Shahi and Satyanarayan, both from Hyderabad in southern India, lost their lives in the incident. They were returning from a visit to the revered Hindu pilgrimage site of Badrinath.

 Authorities are conducting rescue and recovery operations in the area, which is known for its treacherous terrain and frequent landslides during the monsoon season.

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