Leopard attacks man near sanctuary in central India

Leopard attacks man near sanctuary in central India
In a remote village in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a leopard attacked a man, causing panic among local residents.
The incident occurred near the Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary in Raval Kundi village, situated along the Neemuch-Bhanpura road of Mandsaur district on May 26.
Visuals showed the leopard running away on the site of humans and the man getting treatment after the attack.
Villagers spotted the leopard and raised an alarm, causing the startled animal to flee. However, in its escape, the leopard attacked a man. The quick response of the villagers saved the man’s life as they managed to scare the leopard away. The injured man was promptly taken to a nearby hospital in Bhanpura for initial treatment before being referred to a larger hospital in Mandsaur due to the severity of his injuries.
Dr. Ankit Soni, a ranger from the Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary, confirmed the attack and reassured that the leopard was safely rescued and returned to the sanctuary. The injured man, identified as Shivraj, sustained multiple claw wounds but is in stable condition after receiving medical care.
The Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary, a large forested area, is known for its significant leopard population. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges of human-wildlife conflict in regions where human settlements intersect with wildlife habitats.


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