Leopard attacks villagers in central India, rescue operation leaves forest workers injured

Leopard attacks villagers in central India, rescue operation leaves forest workers injured

In a startling incident in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, panic ensued as a leopard intruded into a rural home in the Padari Sakli area, leaving several villagers injured. A swift response from the forest department’s rescue team resulted in the safe extraction of the leopard, albeit with injuries sustained by half a dozen forest workers.

The incident took place near the weaponry manufacturing hub of Itarsi in Narmadapuram on May 14.

Visuals showed during the rescue operation, some individuals had managed to secure the leopard inside a green net, but the agitated feline fiercely struggled to break free. In its frantic attempt to escape, the leopard launched an unexpected attack on those handling it, causing chaos and panic among them.

The tranquility of the Padari Sakli area, nestled close to the weaponry manufacturing units in Itarsi, was shattered when a leopard ventured into a local residence, triggering chaos and injuring multiple villagers. Promptly, the forest department’s rescue team, under the guidance of SDFO Shivram Maravi and Itarsi Forest Range Officer Hariom Manu, rushed to the scene. Despite encountering fierce resistance from the panicked feline, the team successfully secured the leopard.

However, the rescue operation was not without casualties as six forest workers sustained injuries during the tumultuous endeavor. They were promptly transported to Itarsi’s governmental medical facility for urgent medical attention. The captured leopard has been released into the Bagdev Jungle as per protocol.

In a separate incident in the same vicinity, a two-year-old leopard, believed to be on a hunt, trespassed into the village of Padari, attacking and injuring five villagers. The victims, identified as Arvind Mehra, Kanhaiya Mehra, Amit Disaria, Santosh Patil, and Shivprasad Malviya, are currently undergoing treatment at Itarsi’s government hospital.

Once alerted, the forest department swiftly responded, executing a challenging rescue operation with the aid of local villagers to capture the aggressive leopard. Following the rescue, the leopard will be released into the Satpura Tiger Reserve. All injured individuals are receiving medical care at Itarsi’s governmental hospital, ensuring their swift recovery from the terrifying encounters with the wild predators.

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