Leopard caught jumping to catch a hen in southern India

Leopard caught jumping to catch a hen in southern India
In a rare and dramatic wildlife encounter, a leopard was captured leaping to catch a hen in southern India’s Tamil Nadu.
The incident took place in Coimbatore on May 29.
Visuals showed the leopard approaches slowly and notices the hen perched on the high wall. It then leaps at the hen, but the hen jumps to the other side, escaping the attack. The leopard follows, jumps after the hen, and catches it. The video then shows the leopard walking away with the hen in its mouth.
Coimbatore, known for its proximity to forested areas, occasionally sees wildlife venturing into human-populated zones. The incident highlights the ongoing challenges of human-wildlife coexistence in the region. Authorities are monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety of both the residents and the wildlife. This event serves as a reminder of the diverse and sometimes unpredictable interactions between humans and nature in India.
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