Leopard enters house in northern India, rescued

Leopard enters house in northern India, rescued

A leopard was rescued 1.5 hours after it had entered a house in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened in Sadakpur village of Nagina forest range in Bijnor district on April 24.

Visuals showed the leopard seated on top of a shelf inside the house. The forest department officials had deployed the use of a massive net to capture the animal and after a lot of effort, were able to do so. News of the big cat’s presence inside the house attracted a big crowd which had gathered at the spot. The leopard was captured safely by the forest department officials and put into a cage. The animal appeared relatively calm inside the cage.

The leopard had entered the house that belonged to Mohammad Sabir and soon, he alerted the locals, 300 of whom rushed to the spot. The forest department was informed about the leopard inside the house and they reacted with a lot of promptness. Gyan Singh, a Sub-Divisional officer involved in this rescue operation, said that the leopard was rescued successfully and later relocated to the Amangarh Tiger Reserve.

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