Leopard falls in open well in western India, rescued

Forest officials rescued a leopard that fell into a 100-foot-deep well in western India’s Gujarat.

The incident took place on the border of Hemal village in Jafrabad Taluka in Amreli district on August 29.


Visuals showed the forest department members putting a cage into the 100-foot well. After a few minutes, the leopard entered the cage and the department members pulled it outside the well.

Speaking to Newslions Range Forest officer G.L. Vaghela said that the team of the forest department rushed to the spot and started a rescue operation after getting the information about the mishap. After the rescue leopard’s health was checked and was later released into the forest.

The forest department appealed that if a wild animal falls into a well filled with water, it should have some support to sit on or survive. If there is no support, a rope should be tied to the cot and lowered into the well so that the wild animal can sit on it and later action can be taken to save it.


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